Hanuman Jayanti Celebration at Bhaktivedanta Ashram in Chennai

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Hanuman Jayanti 2014

The following pictures are from last months celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti at our ashram in Chennai. In South India Hanuman Jayanti usually occurs in the month of December, whereas North India celebrates it around the month of April. On the auspicious occasion, thousands of people came to our temple for darshana of Lord Panchamukha Hanuman.

There was a special abhishekam done with milk, honey, curds, coconut water, sugar water, turmeric and other auspicious ingredients. In the evening all of the devotees participated in Harinama Sankirtanam, chanting of the maha mantra “hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare” for the pleasure and happiness of Lord Hanuman. Following the evening arati and kirtan there was distribution of prasadam to all of the devotees.

If you live in Chennai, we invite you to visit our temple located in Taramani, near to the back gate of IIT. Every evening there is kirtan, and there are classes on the Bhagavad Gita every Saturday and Thursday night. The temple is located at: Sri Panchamukha Anjaneyar Siddhar Peetham, No. 28 Yerikarai Street, Taramani, Chennai.












Hanuman Jayanti 2015


22 comments on “Hanuman Jayanti Celebration at Bhaktivedanta Ashram in Chennai

  1. Very nice. Hare krishna devotees are very nice, humble with selfless service attitude. They have blessing of Prabhupad – jagatguru.

    They distribute Prashad ( soul food) not ordinary food.

    Hare krishna!

  2. Rama Dhuta Anjaneya, for him with the word ‘Raama’, he could do great tasks. His devotion to Lord Rama is the most auspicious thing in life.

  3. I’d like to receive the meaning of Hanuman Panchmukhi, please and the days of the celebrations in the current of the year. Thanh you.

    Jay Shri Ram! Jay Hanuman!

  4. very nice reporting. I live in Bangalore but if I visit Chennai, God willing, I intend to visit the temple and seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman.

    Photographs are nice.

  5. Though I am working in IIT Madras campus for the past several years, I never knew the existence of such a beautiful temple and deity. Thanks to India divine for this guidance.

  6. Whenever doubt enters my mind about the efficacy of sadhana I just need to read through an article in India Divine. It is so vibrant with great mystic potency, corrects the deviant mind d restoring sanity and good sense. I am so grateful….

  7. i would like to visit the mandir when i visit india in november 2015

    jai shre hanuman

  8. Lord Hanuman, being the son of Vayu and Anjanadevi, learnt the Vedas and Shastras from none other than Surya who is the protector of mankind in this globe. He is worshipped at many places in the South and many tall statues have been constructed for him at many cities and suburbs. People flock to these temples and preform poojas in great numbers. It is curious that in old temples like Namakkal, Anjaneya and Nrusimha temples are closeby. This is also true at Chennai, where we have a big Anjaneya temple at Nanganallur, which is also close to Lakshminarasimha and Yoganarasimha temples. Anjaneya is also supposed to be an Amsa of Lord Siva. I have seen Panchamukha Anjaneya in one of the temples on the way to Pondicherry. Please explain the connection between Anjaneya’s connection with the Panchamukhas.

  9. I am extremly happy to see the articals and see hanuman mandir.



  10. I do benjoy reading all the inspireing thoughts about our culture and tradition thank its awesome R deonarain

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