The NFL kills 3,000 cows a year to make footballs, totaling over 300,000 cows since 1920. If you include the official regulation footballs sold to the public its 35,000 cows a year.

Nearly every sport in the world uses cow leather for their products, though its easily avoidable with synthetic materials. Its part of the asura’s universal plan to pollute the earth making it easier for them to influence humanity.

Polluting the rivers, the air, the food, the drinking water, and even the clothes we wear is all part of the asura agenda to destroy humanity.

Now people like Bill Gates want to make drinking water from toilet waste. Even if they can extract all of the contaminated particles from the water, they cannot remove the “impurity” which makes something unfit for using in worship, a concept western society does not understand. By making humans ingest impure things, even if “chemically pure”, the human body will become unfit for higher subtle activities.

Likewise, by having the human body come into contact with the dead bodies of murdered cows, their own body becomes subtly impure and unfit for higher spiritual activities. Something as innocent as a child bouncing a ball is actually a devious plot by demonic beings to degrade humanity away from access to God.

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