Question: I’ve been really interested in Hinduism. I like the views and ideals. I really want to be Hindu. How would I go about this? Do I need a guru?

It is certainly important to find a guru or spiritual master to guide you on your spiritual path. Such a guru is not a small or cheap thing. He will manifest to you as your sincerity and dedication become firm. The spiritual master is known as the sat-guru, or eternal guide.

In the intitial stages you should be like the honey bee, searching for a little nectar from each flower. Go where there are like minded people, inquire from them, discuss with them and develop your spiritual knowledge. When you become serious you will take up a daily sadhana, or spiritual practices and vows. These help purify one’s heart and expand one’s consciousness. As one progresses on this path, the Lord in the heart, known as Paramatma, personally guides you and directs you to His representative, the sat-guru.

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