Yesterday we had to burry one of the street dogs we helped as a puppy. We heard she had been hit by a car, so we went out and found her body and brought her back to burry in our goshala. She had no external injuries or blood, so I guess it was a brain injury. Someone told us a car had hit her, after she walked for a minute and then died.

We put ganga water on her, and charanamrita, as well as flowers from the temple, and then buried her in our temple goshala.

Her and her brother Tunglu survived parvo disease when puppies, and then we also treated her when she was hit in the head with a brick by someone. It seems like years ago, but it all happened in just 9 months, and now she is gone.

9 months ago as a puppy.

For the last 9 months she came every single day to our temple 5 or 6 times a day. Every day she ate kichadi prasadam after the morning offering. Her and her brother both would wait outside our gate in the night for the temple to be opened at 4am, sometimes disturbing the neighbors by yelping, calling for us to open the gate and let them in.

6 months ago after someone hit her in the head with a brick.

When they would see me first thing in the morning they would go crazy, jumping all over me and biting at my clothes nonstop. Finally I came up with a way to defuse them. Every morning when I would see them first, I would sit on the ground and let them jump on me and do whatever they wanted for a couple minutes. They would usually climb up on my lap, sit there like a king on a throne, and then after two minutes they would be satisfied and mellow out for the rest of the day.

Her brother, Tunglu, is still there and will continue the tradition.


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