A letter from Dubai:

Dear Mr Das,

I went through your site and found it very interesting and useful. Infact I was searching for just such a site for a long time. From my younger days I have been very curious to know more about Hinduism. I have read lots of books, especially Vivekanada’s teachings. I should admit that those atmans where far more modern than us and knew exactly what a life is. I have been keen to do something on this front. Its really amazing when we look deep into different vedic teachings and books that what some people consider as blind belief and not scientific is really an advanced scientific finding. I have been curous to relate Hinduism and modern science and have been searching for books or any studies made by people on this. But couldn’t find much on it. I have read a few articles on your page about traditional science. Its exactly the things what i’m looking for but i need to know more. I know there is lot more in all these great works of Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and the Vedas, all hidden. If you know someone who has done a thorough study in these lines or if any books are available on this please let me know. Such a beautiful culture, Hinduism, I know will never die out from the face of the Earth. Its not a religion, its a culture of humanity. I somehow believe our anscetors where far more advanced than we are, and we are actually into the second cycle of life. They became so advanced that there might not have been any ordinary human being; all might have had realisation of life’s goal, realisation of atman. The life we see is new, the starting of a new human race life cycle and we have just begun. I would like to do more on this front and i would like to have your guidence for this. Let me introduce my self. I’m …, from Kerala. I’m a software engineer at present working in Dubai. I’m very much into the internet and e-commerce. I appreciate the great deal of work you have done on this front and wish you will continue doing it all the time. My contribution is always available and I will do my best to reachout to all my friends, colleagues and relatives to have a look at the site.

Dear Sri …,

I was very happy to read your views on Hinduism and science. It is true that the great Rishis of ancient times were far more advanced then what is commonly known. The difference between their advancement and ours is that their aim was the self, or the atman, and as such they focused their spiritual technology towards that aim. The present society’s aim is the body, not the self, and as a result all of our efforts are focused towards satisfying the body’s demands of sense enjoyment. Our modern society has become very expert at this, just as the ancient Rishis were expert at satisfying the soul. The fault in modern society’s aim is that they are working to satisfy the temporary body, which will one day die, and as such their accomplishments have no permanent value. We need to balance our scientific endeavours towards both matter and spirit; then only can our society attain its full perfection. The ancient Rishis understood this by virtue of their inner vision. It was because of this divine vision that their aim was to move away from the temporary to the permanent, from suffering to happiness, and from death to immortality.