Today this puppy came to our temple very sick. After reaching here he couldn’t walk any more. I have no idea how he managed to walk here and then just collapsed.

We tried feeding him various foods and milk but he was unable to eat anything. He drank water a couple of times if we held him up, but near the afternoon he could no longer stand even with our help.

It became clear he was going to leave his body very soon, so I put abhisheka charanamrita in his mouth, along with ganga water, and then did kirtan with him for half an hour. As it got closer to his time, his mouth started twitching and it was clear he had very little time left. We continued the kirtan and within another 15 minutes he passed away. His mouth opened, his tongue twisted out, and then he was gone.

We dug a pit for him in the temple garden and burried him along with tulasi and flower prasadam from Lord Jagannatha.

It is one type of miracle that this dog could not even stand on his own, but he managed to wander around to find this temple and leave his body in this temple surrounded by the chanting of Krishna’s name.

He was the second puppy I buried today. In the morning I saw a dead puppy down the road and had dug a pit to bury him in. I had no idea I would be burying two puppies in one day.

May Lord Krishna have compassion on the soul of this child of Bhagavan.

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