Last year (September 2021) I shared a post where Nityananda Baba told me the world war (vishwa yudha as sadhus call it) would begin in 2022. On the 17th of September (last week) I again got a chance to visit his ashram for a few hours in the night and talk with him. Below are some photos from that trip to his simple ashram, where he sits with an ever burning sacred fire (akhanda dhuni).

First let me give a short reminder what he had told me last year in September. Back then he said a war will begin next year (2022), and last till 2024. Afterwards there would be a sadhu sabha (assembly of sages) in Puri in 2025 where they would discuss what to do for the world.

Again this September (last week) I had the opportunity to go see him. When I arrived he was in the kitchen boiling milk. It was around 10 pm. When he finished we accompanied him to his dhuni (sacred fire), and he spoke for a couple hours about different things. There was no one particular topic that was discussed, but there are a few points that I can recall.

He said in 2023 it will become clear to everyone who is good and who is evil.

He said in December there will be trouble in the world and things will become worse. He said even now within 10 days some things will happen, but it will become worse in December and the world will become very dark.

He said 2022, 2023 and 2024 will be very dark for the world.

He said when things happen it will be very sudden and abrupt, and we should just be aware of this so we can recognize it when we see it.

He said the entire world is being tested right now (pariksha), and the test is already running, both individually (for each of us) and collectively for the planet. Due to this test everyone will be put through various hardships.

Later he mentioned he saw a wind shooting out of the sun and coming towards the earth, but said he did not know when it would reach the earth or what would happen when it hit the earth.

These are a few of the things that I can remember from this time meeting him.

The future is always in constant movement, and no one can precisely know everything about what is to come. The saints and rishis are given some divine insight into the nature of the world and happenings around us, but still no one can know exactly what will happen when.

Because their vision and guidance comes from a subtler level of reality, they can foreshadow the current karmic flow of the world. Everyone can judge these warnings themselves and give them whatever importance they wish. I am just passing on these experiences so you can know what is the collective opinion of the sadhus on the current world situation.

Whatever happens, it is always good to keep a six month stock of nonperishable food for emergencies. In the event of any type of natural disaster, war or supply chain disturbance, one will be able to feed one’s family and neighbors without worry. We should always be prepared for such unexpected calamities, especially in the present time, when we are seeing around us all ominous signs.

Also please take the time to read these two past articles, where other sadhus have also warned us of the impending war and dark times ahead. We are already seeing the conflict has begun. Now which direction it goes depends on so many factors such as the collective world karma as well as the prayers of devotees. Just hear their warnings and keep them in the back of your mind so if the time comes you will not be taken off guard.

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An Opportunity to Help Sadhus

As I was leaving to return back to our temple in Bhadrak, Nityananda Baba in passing made one rare request to me. I have known him for 15 years, and never once has he asked me for any type of help, donation or anything. Not even a single time. This was the first time he made a request to me.

He told me his ashram deities are currently kept under some old tin sheets. He had a desire to build a concrete roof over them, to properly protect them from rain. He mentioned one villager has offered to give him 10,000 bricks for free for this work, but still he would need to arrange for cement, concrete chips, labor, and other materials. He asked,  “In December we want to build this roof for the deities. If possible you please help in whatever way you can.”

I replied to baba, “Now times are difficult, so we do not have the funds immediately available. But somehow or other we will arrange it by December and we will take responsibility to build the roof for the deities.” In 15 years baba had never asked for anything, so I felt I could not refuse his one request even if it would be difficult. We will put other works aside and first try to fulfil this.

As soon as I got back to Bhadrak, I spoke to my mason friend, and asked him to give us an estimate on what will be the cost to make a 25 foot x 15 foot concrete mandapa roof over the deities at his ashram. He told me it can be completed within 300,000 Rs. ($3,700 USD). I also asked him if he was willing to go stay in the village and do the work himself, as I trust the quality of work he does, having worked with him for more than 20 years. He agreed and said he is ready to go to complete the work in December.

Now the only thing that remains is that we need to raise the funds within the next two months. If anyone wishes to contribute towards this specific work, you can donate here specifying “helping sadhus” as the purpose of the donation, and we will use it for this project. If you have any questions about it, please call us or send us a message in whatsapp at +91 8300181008 (talk to Srinath Das).

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