An Interesting Meeting with Hari Baba of Jharkhand

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Here is a small story of an interesting meeting we recently had with a sadhu from Jharkhand named Hari Baba. He stays in a small village in Jharkhand, and was attending the annual Gita Yagya at Rambaba Ashram, near Jamshedpur. He is a very unique sadhu, always in a type of inner trance, not very aware of the outside around us.

While sitting and meditating internally, if you talk to him, sometimes without breaking his meditation he will halfheartedly talk something with you, but clearly not being fully there with you. Other times he will tell you directly not to talk with him because he is “doing his yoga”.

The sadhu next to us mentioned he had been trying to talk to him for 15 days, but Hari Baba was not allowing him to talk.

Somehow when we asked him he agreed to talk, all the while remaining in his trance like state. First he said he remembered me and had met me before, but that I was now looking older. When I mentioned we were coming from Odisha he said he had once traveled 2,000 kilometers throughout Odisha on a bicycle going between the various holy places.

He then said, “That time when I was in Puri, I visited one shakti peetham located 4 km out in the ocean.”

Knowing that there is no physical temple accessible to normal people out in the ocean, I asked, “Is everyone able to visit this temple in the ocean?”

He replied casually, “Yes, many people are going. You just have to walk on top of the water. And when you get there if you have any impurity in your mind, then your body will dissolve and you will die.”

That was the end of that conversation, and he went back into his trance.

9 comments on “An Interesting Meeting with Hari Baba of Jharkhand

  1. I wonder if he went there in an astral state or physical. There are tales of advanced practitioners who can visit realms that are invisible to 99.9 percent of us but might be a few feet from us. then again, he might have visited a real temple out in the ocean that used to be there thousands of years ago.
    Fascinating. Too bad a lot of these sadhus are not here to teach or share their experiences. We’d be a better world if they could, I think.

  2. Let us remember the Lord with love and devotion unceasingly which will be possible by His DIVINE GRACE ONLY.LET US REMEMBER BREATHING IN AND BREATHING OUT.THIS WAY WE CAN SEE PADARAVINDAM.

  3. Amazing, Unbelievable. Barbara has rightly said that we have lost their experiences.


  5. Glories to the sadhu’s of India. I only hope the modern India learns to respect them. The India since independence is looking West instead of looking within. These great sadhus remind us of our past 2000-3000 years ago. This land has had great maha rishis like Guru marichi, guru parashara, guru valmiki, i bow to them with absolute respect, what a glorious past. One goal for all should be god realization and these great saints have only taught that. Jai guru dev

  6. ¡Hermosa historia! Agradezco y ofrezco mis más humildes y respetuosas reverencias al Señor Sri Krishna por haberme bendecido con tan maravillosa historia. Hare Krishna

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