Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations at Bhaktivedanta Ashram in Chennai (2019)

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The following pictures are from the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations at our Panchamukha Hanuman temple in Chennai this year. In North India Hanuman Jayanti falls in April, but according to the Tamil calendar it falls in the months of December and January. This year it was in early January. Due to other work we are a little late posting these pictures, so we apologize for that.

In the morning maha abhishekam was conducted for the utsava vigraha, and in the afternoon yaagam was performed to please Lord Hanuman. In the evening the utsavar was taken out in procession throughout the neighbhorhood, accompanied by govinda nama sankirtanam. Throughout the day thousands of devotees visited and worshipped Lord Hanuman.

If you live in Chennai, we invite you to visit our temple located in Taramani, near to the back gate of IIT. Every evening there is sankirtanam, and there are classes on the Bhagavad Gita every Saturday and Sunday night. The temple is located at the following address: Sri Panchamukha Anjaneyar Siddhar Peetham, No. 28 Erikarai Street, Taramani, Chennai. If you have any questions or need directions you can contact us by phone: 8300181008.

8 comments on “Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations at Bhaktivedanta Ashram in Chennai (2019)

  1. Really very very nice, good excellent presentation which is just like we were there.

  2. Jai Shree ram
    Thank you very much for the information and the pictures that were provided. Great.
    I live in Fiji many thousands of miles from India….please pray for my well being….this will be very much appreciated….

  3. Hanumath Jayanthi is said to be on the Amavasya Day of the
    month Dhanu (Margazhi in Tamil).

    The Temples in Karnataka celebrate it Mesha month.

    Which is correct may please be explained and the reason
    for celebration in different places on different dates.

  4. Jai shree ram/Om hanumantey namya,

    Thanks,I recd. a lovely God photos &information to share with me,I lives in Delhi & request you to please pray for myself & my family on the occasion on Hanuman Jayanti.
    I shallbe very thanful to you,

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