Below are some pictures of a recent food distribution at the “Urban Deprived Residential Hostel” in Vizianagaram, as well as at a high school in the city. We had been requested by the staff of the hostel and the high school to distribute food for their students.

We arrived at their premises and were greeted by the children and staff, who were very glad to see us. We served them vegetable biryani, kurma, fried chips, etc., and all were
very happy. The staff member in charge for their mid-day meal program asked us if we could do regular mid-day meal program for the school, giving the children clean and nutritious food every day. At present we had to tell him that we could not do the program daily as we did not have enough man power, but would try to increase our visits.

The joy on the faces of the children when they see us coming with the prasadam and the enthusiasm with which they eagerly await their turn for the next program encourages the devotees to go on, inspite of the hard work involved.

urban-03 urban-04 urban-05 urban-02

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