It has been 5 years since we started the foodrelief program in Andhra Pradesh (September 2009 to December 2014). In these five years a total of 435,000 plates of spiritual food have been distributed in Andhra Pradesh by devotees of the Bhaktivedanta Ashram, mostly in the Vizianagaram district.

By the continuous distribution of this spiritual food, in schools, colleges, villages and to needy children in relief hostels and rehabilitation centres, I am glad to say many people from the general public tell us again and again that prasadam from our Ashram has become the best in this area.

It is the hard work and dedication of all the devotees involved, cooking and serving day in and day out, with the blessings of Lord Krishna, that has kept the program going. The sincere devotees at our ashram in Andhra Pradesh make sure the cooking and distribution goes on whether its raining cats and dogs or whether its boiling hot weather in the summer. They are determined to not miss a day of distribution no matter what the circumstances.

The devotees there are only a few, and they are limited by the resources of manpower, but regardless they make their full effort to continue the food distribution as best as they can. It is a lot of hard work, to cut wood, arrange for the groceries, cook the food, and then to distribute it throughout the district all year long.

What keeps the devotees happy is the smiling faces of the people receiving the spiritual food and the jumping kids who show joy on their faces as soon as we reach their place to give them the happiness of Krishna prasadam.

As prices of food are rising, more and more people are suffering silently, without telling others that there is no proper food at home due to prices being high and income being low.

It is in this context that this program is doing a great service, to help those less fortunate to get hot nutritious food cooked by devotees and offered with full devotion. We thank all of you for the continuous help in funding this program, which has allowed our devotees to dedicate their full time and energy engaged in this service.

Below are some pictures of a recent food distribution in Gedduru Village, which is located in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh.

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