Last month a new bull calf was born at our ashram’s goshala in Orissa. Since he was completely white and born one day after Balarama Jayanti, we named him as Baladeva. This video has some clips of the first 20 days of his life.

He was born very thin and weak, and we had to bottle feed him as his mother wasn’t producing milk.But within a few days he was energetic and healthy, running around and playing.

His mother’s name is Yamuna. She was given to our ashram by a sadhu who stays in the forest around 50 km from here. You can read more about our ashram cows here.

The cows at our goshala are protected for their entire lives and never separated from their families. At present they have around 12 cents of land, which is enough for moving around, but not enough for grazing. In the future we hope to purchase 5 acres of land to make a cow sanctuary, where the cows can graze freely over the land and we can grow various types of grass for them to eat.

If you would like to help sponsor food for our cows you can use the donation form on the side of the page and choose “Cow Protection” as the purpose. Each month the cows and bulls (including some visitors) go through ten 50 kg bags of wheat bran. One bag of wheat bran currently costs 860 rupees ($13.50 USD). The monthly cost for all of their food is 8,600 rupees ($135 USD).

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