Vamana the Bull Joins the Ashram

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There is a small bull who has been coming to our temple for the last 2 years eating our garden plants. Every day I have been feeding him cow food (ground wheat powder) for the last 3 months. He spends the entire day at our temple and then goes home in the night.

Yesterday I found the owner and told her she should donate the bull to Krishna since the bull spends the whole day at the temple anyway. The owner was happy to give him to the temple. From yesterday (ekadashi) the bull has been given to Krishna and is staying with us at the temple. Now I am making a small goshala for him to stay in next to the temple. In the meantime he seems to enjoy sitting in the dhuni mandira next to the yajna kunda.

One comment on “Vamana the Bull Joins the Ashram

  1. Hare Krishna,

    please accept my dandavat pranams,

    now it is almost 4 years since Vamana the bull joined the temple. How is he doing? Kindly update and request to post a picture.


    Hari Bol….

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