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Toys for the Children of Randiya

Posted by | Jan 9, 2008 | 8,125 views

In our previous newsletter we showed you pictures and a video of the children of Randiya and the weekly food distribution we conduct in that village. For the new year we thought it would be nice to give these children a small gift that they could really relate to, something that would allow them to just be children for a day.

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Ashtadhatu Deities of Sri Devi, Bhu Devi and Vimala Devi Installed at the Bhaktivedanta Ashram

Posted by | Aug 8, 2007 | 18,498 views

On the auspicious occasion of Puri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra, the sacred deities of Sri Devi (Lakshmi), Bhu Devi and Vimala Devi were installed at the Bhaktivedanta Ashram in Bhadrak, Orissa. Each deity has been crafted from 110 kilograms (242 lbs) of ashtadhatu metal (a combination of eight metals: gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron, and mercury), and they are each approximately two and a half feet tall. Work on these sacred deities had begun more than two years ago, and it has finally culminated in the pranapratishtha ceremony held on Ratha Yatra day.

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Darshan of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Sacred Blanket at Bhadrak (Orissa)

Posted by | Jul 21, 2007 | 10,727 views

500 years ago, while walking from Navadvipa to Puri, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu spent the night in Bhadrak on the banks of the sacred Salandi river. He stayed at an ancient temple of Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohana (located in Santhiya village). Before departing for Puri, He blessed the temple pujari by giving him His personal blanket. This blanket has been worshipped for the last 500 years by the descendants of the original pujari.

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Food Relief Begins in Bagurai Leprosy Colony

Posted by | Dec 24, 2006 | 7,024 views

This month we have begun food distribution in a new village, Bagurai Leprosy Colony, located a few kilometers outside of Bhadrak, in Orissa. As the name implies, most of the children in the village have parents affected by leprosy. This makes it even harder for their families to earn money, and take care of the children properly. We are trying to provide a little help in the form of spiritual food, so that the children can at least receive a few nourishing meals.

We provide a few photos below of the wonderful children from this village and the recent relief work. We have also included a 3 minute video clip at the top of the page.

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BICI Quarterly Report (November, 2006)

Posted by | Nov 28, 2006 | 6,225 views

The last few months have been a time of increased activity for us. In September, a renewal of monsoon rains led to severe flooding throughout Orissa, leaving more than 1.5 million people homeless in the state. Every year Orissa seems to bear the brunt of monsoon flooding in India, but this year it was even more so, with miles and miles of land submerged under water.

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Over 5,000 devotees visit Bhaktivedanta Ashram for Kartika Purnima Parikrama

Posted by | Nov 17, 2006 | 7,579 views

On Kartika Purnima the Bhaktivedanta Ashram inaugurated special  “Chandana Argali Parikrama” of Lord Jagannatha. Every full moon day devotees are allowed to enter the inner altar, usually reserved for temple priests, and perform parikrama of Lord Jagannatha while offering flowers to His lotus feet. This is the only temple in Orissa that allows people from all castes and communities to enter the garbhagriha to worship the Lord. Below are some newspaper articles covering the occassion.

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Rural Relief Center Opened in Randiya

Posted by | Sep 6, 2006 | 5,259 views

Recently the Bhaktivedanta Ashram opened a new rural relief center in Randiya, approximately 20 km away from our main Ashram in Orissa. With cooperation from the local villagers, a small piece of land was given to us for establishing a permanent relief center in the village. The village consists of people from the very poor adivasi (tribal) community. More than 300 children in the village attend regular programs at the new center.

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