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The Ramayana throughout south east Asia

Posted by | Oct 31, 2005 | 4,645 views

Question: I was curious as to why the Ramayana seems to have been embraced culturally by much of Southeast Asia. If you look at Bali, Cambodia, etc., you see that much of their art, dance, etc., revolves around this Indian epic. How is it that the Ramayana has taken hold throughout south east Asia while other Indian traditions are not as strong. What is it in the Ramayana that speaks to such a vast range of people?

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Arjuna’s Confusion

Posted by | Oct 31, 2005 | 5,265 views

Question: In all spiritual texts it is written that in this Kaliyuga man has become extremely materialistic and that is the main reason that he cannot express his divine form. Arjuna lived in the period of Dvapara-yuga wherein man was more spiritualistic; moreover he had attained tremendous knowledge of divinity. Despite all this how come he became entangled in the material world (which subsequently led to the teaching of Gita). Was it stage managed by lord Krishna to give a message for people of the yugas to follow? Please clarify.

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Questions on the Origin of the Soul

Posted by | Oct 31, 2005 | 5,100 views

Question: I read that we are here (in the material world) because we desired to enjoy independent of the Lord. Who gives us the desire to enjoy independently of Lord Krishna and why ? It is confirmed in vedas that without Krishna’s will nothing will happen. At the same time, it is said that all the misery we are experiencing is due to our own desires. What is the basic source of these desires? Is it possible to desire or execute our desires without Lord Krishna’s will?

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