Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations at Our Ashram in Chennai (2016)

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On January 9th we celebrated Hanuman Jayanti at our ashram in Chennai, where the presiding deity is of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman. From morning till evening around 5,000 devotees visited for darshana of Lord Hanuman. Bhajans were sung by devotees, and prasadam was distributed to all of the guests throughout the day.

In the morning maha abhishekam was conducted, and in the afternoon yaagam was performed to please Lord Hanuman. Below you can find some photos of the celebrations.


Abhishekam with curd (yogurt).


Abhishekam with panchamritam (bananas, dates, honey, etc.).


Abhishekam with turmeric (manjal).



Abhishekam with honey.


Abhishekam with turmeric and rice flour.



Abhishekam with kusha water and kusha root.


First arati after the maha abhishekam.



Pushpanjali and pushpa abhishekam.

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11 comments on “Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations at Our Ashram in Chennai (2016)

  1. All gods are present in Hanuman who is bhima vikramah and karyasiddhi rupah.It is a feast to eyes, delight to heart and devotion to mind concentrated. lokasamstah sukhino bhavantu. The programmes conducted in the Ashram bring great cultural lift and devotion .

  2. Great celebration. Impressive. Full bhakti and devotion.
    May Lord guide us all in our true path.

  3. Heartiest Pranam to the Great Lord Panchamukha Hanuman. Sankat katter sab peera, jo soune hanuaman balveera. May your blessings be on us all forever, n we get the strength to move on in life whatever the fate.

  4. Jai Veera Hanuman, Please Help me from all my problems..RamaLaxmanJanaki Jai Bholo Hanuman ki

  5. Jai SHhri Balaji Maharaj

    Its good to see true spirit in Birthday Celebrations. He is father who protects us from evil, negative energy & shows the way to Final path MOKSHA.

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