Bitcoin is a scam made by the asuras to drain humanity’s resources. It’s no different than how they make people to slave and dig the earth for worthless shiny stones like diamonds. Diamonds have no intrinsic value, they are a worthless stone commonly available in the earth. But by creating a false value for them in society they keep humanity’s energies enslaved mining that which is worthless. They do this repeatedly in many, many fields of human endeavor.

A recent news headline states, “One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week”.

Any energy humanity has they want to divert it to meaningless endeavour so it can not be directed towards God conciousness or even human betterment. There is no intrinsic value in a made up mathematical number. People will spend all of their energies trying to “solve” made up problems, when they could be using that energy to solve the real problems of humanity.

The electricity used to “mine” Bitcoin requires the burning of actual fuel. Humanity is burning the world’s limited fuel to solve imaginary mathematical equations that have no purpose or value in society. Not to mention that the computational power of millions of the world’s computers are being diverted to basically run in circles, providing no improvement to humanity, no research or analysis of anything meaningful.

Another recent article states, “Mining Bitcoin now consumes more than 30 terawatt-hours of power globally, which is higher than the individual energy usage of 159 countries.”

Elsewhere we see, “The computer process that generates each coin is said to be on pace to require more electricity than the United States consumes in a year.”

The asura’s theme is to create artificial scarcity in human society so that they can enslave the population. Once they create electricity scarcity, then they will start to charge us higher rates for what is actually cheap electricity. Electricity prices will go up, right when electric vehicles are taking off. “Oh, we can’t give the poor electricity, we are too busy mining imaginary Bitcoin equations that are intrinsically worthless.”

If you can create a higher value for electricity usage, you can then charge people more for what was essentially very cheap. You create a fake value system so that you can boost the price of something that is not actually rare.

This is the real purpose of the Bitcoin, and it is given to us by the same asuras who run the world governments and the banking system. Anything the media promotes, which is owned by them, is obviously in their interest and from them.

The divine God given system for humanity is simplicity and freedom from bondage by being self sufficient in our food and necessities. All of these falsely created complexities are introduced by the asuras to make us dependent on their system for existence, to enslave us and make human life a struggle for existence.

The asuras who control this earth treat humanity as farm animals, and they aim to milk out all varieties of energies produced by mankind – physical labor, mental energy, human resources like energy, etc. They have coralled us into a system where we are nothing but farm animals struggling for our survival, and they are harvesting us and our byproducts. They have created the entire system of society, taxation, labor, medicine, banking, etc., so that it keeps humanity as a resource that they can farm.

What about those who have profited form investing in Bitcoin?

The world bankers encourage gambling by rewarding some few so that others can be lured into the system, before they pull out the plug and cash out on the hard earned money of the sheep. Its no different than the stock market where they can control the prices due to their immense purchasing and selling power. They choose which direction anything moves. They profit when it goes up and they profit when it goes down. But to do that they need to lure in the sheepish hard working members of society. Anyone who profits, does so on someone else’s money. The money you get when you sell out came from a real person. Someone worked and slaved to earn that, and he gives it to you in hopes that his gamble will pay off and he can take someone else’s money.

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