I say the following as a person who does not use ganja and has no intention to ever use ganja:

All governments in the world know tobacco is the number one killer of the poor throughout the world, yet not a single country will ban it.

Meanwhile ganja, which has medicinal benefits in certain circumstances (arthritis, etc.), is illegal in all countries despite not causing any serious health problems or deaths.

The reason for this is that the governments cannot tax ganja, since anyone could grow it themselves without the need to purchase a factory product like cigarettes.

Since they cannot control the money, and since it would reduce people purchasing pain killers and other medications, they prefer to demonize its image and make it illegal.

The governments of the world profit off of the suffering of their poor citizens. They profit off of the addictions they have made their citizens take up, like cigarettes and alcohol.

These products are not simple to prepare in the home, so they are the perfect addictions for the government to use to extract money from the poor.

The government is a drug pusher, just like any drug pusher on the streets of Chicago. The only difference is they use their legal powers to monopolize the selling of drugs and jail any small timer who tries to enter the same line of business.

A pack of cigarettes costs only 4 rupees to make in India, but they sell the same for 125 to 250 rupees, targeting some of the poorest communities in the country.

Likewise, the other deadly products pushed by the government such as chewing tobaccos, alcohol, etc., which the government has an absolute monopoly on. All of these products are targeting the poor laborer class of people.

Since the government can’t collect “tax” money on their income, as they are below the poverty line, the government has come up with this strategy to tax them in the form of deadly addictions.

Without fail, nearly every single laborer in the country will use one of these products each and every day. They are paying taxes to the government each and every day, while bringing themselves closer to death by consuming these poisonous products.

The government doesn’t care about their citizens, and especially not the poor citizens. The asuric rulers have only one interest, that is to extract as much revenue from their enslaved citizens even at the cost of their very life and happiness.

Smoking kills more than 1 million people a year in India. In 2016 around 270 people died in India from terrorism related incidents. Compare that to the 1 million who died from smoking cigarettes. Add to that those who have died from alcohol and chewing tobacco. The people are sheep, who are given false priorities while their ship is sinking.

When a rich person gets cancer, he can go for medical treatment involving chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the use of advanced medications. When a poor villager gets cancer, do you know what treatment options they are given in India? They are given some pain killers and left to die. I have seen it many times. In some case they will do an operation where they cut off some part of their body, which doesn’t cure the disease at all. The poor are being victimized by the government in order to steal their money in the form of taxes on addictions.

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