Yesterday (June 6th), another of our friends, Chandan prabhu, a long time devotee at Dayalu Baba’s ashram, passed away, just 10 days after baba had left. He was a professional mridanga player, and would always be there to help in the ashram and perform kirtan. I had known him for around 15 years, and his father was the one who sold us the farm land which we gave to Dayalu Baba for him to grow rice and sustain his ashram.

Over the last two years he had suffered from kidney failure, and despite attempts to treat it nothing helped. In the last week he finally agreed to go for dialysis, but it seems it was too late, as even with the treatment he still passed away.

Even a month ago despite his failing health he was actively serving in the ashram, and recently we saw him performing kirtan with other devotees when we visited Chakratirtha ashram to see Chakratirtha Baba.

Yesterday we attended his cremation and participated in Hare Krishna kirtan as his body was taken for the final rites. It is sad to lose two friends in a span of 10 days, and its another great loss for their ashram.

Chandan prabhu with Dayalu Baba on the Salindi river worshiping a shila to bring back to the ashram two years ago.

Chandan prabhu examining a new mridanga we had donated to the ashram in 2021.

Chandan prabhu playing the gong, while his father plays the mridanga.

Chandan prabhu playing dolak during Makara Sankranti kirtan.

Chandan prabhu on the left, talking about the tomato crops at the ashram. (Photo taken in 2014.) Next to him is Butu, Dayalu Baba, and Radhakanta Das.

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